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Entrust Encore

Encore is the personalised investment service vertical of Entrust Family Office, a pioneer in multi-family office services in India. The aligned and customised services provided by Entrust follows a focused and long-term approach towards wealth preservation in a safe and secure manner through steady portfolio monitoring.

We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment support services through an ongoing, long-term relationship to bring clients closer to their goals. Entrust Family Office made a humble beginning in 2013 with a few well-respected families entrusting their wealth objectives to us.

Today we are present in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi (Virtual office) and Delhi (Virtual office).



A model truly aligned to your objectives

We offer investment plans completely aligned to you and your objectives with zero conflict of interest. Our approach is driven by attention to outcomes, both risk and returns. Always ensuring that our recommendations are in your best interests.



We aim to preserve and grow your wealth. Our approach gives weightage to risk while evaluating the potential return for each asset class. This orients us towards capital preservation. In addition to this we also evaluate liquidity and transparency as key variables in our evaluation.


Well-defined investment methodology

We review our investment portfolios continually to ensure they always reflect our latest investment research, and to ensure they remain in line with our investors’ goals and appetite to investment risk. This is complemented by our market cycle approach which tries to place where each asset class is, in relationship with the economic cycle. This knowledge is used in your portfolio construction.



The Entrust Encore team has been hand-picked for their strengths, expertise and experience and demonstrate a proactive approach and an inherent like-mindedness with our philosophy. We have qualified and experienced investment professionals onboard who have real world experience across market cycles, asset classes and geographies.


Our strong

With the pedigree of being one of the first Family offices in India, Entrust Family Office has the expertise of a private multi-family office. We also offer these services to our Encore clients. In the Family Office model since no two UHNI families are alike, we study the family album and the origin of each smile therein. We are also professionals from multiple industries with strong networks and endeavor to be a sounding board for you.


Our clients come from different backgrounds, yet they share a common passion for a wise, long-term approach to wealth. So, as a business owner or a professional, we have designed our services with care and prudence to help you achieve financial comfort, security and peace of mind..

Start up founders | CXO’s | Accomplished professionals | Successful entrepreneurs


Investment Services

Our widely experienced team has witnessed multiple market cycles. We first understand specific needs of each client before arriving at an appropriate solution.

We give equal, if not higher importance to consider risk as an important parameter to enable client families to achieve their short and long-term financial milestones.

  • An open architecture with a transparent and unbiased asset allocation approach.

  • Robust research across various asset classes.

  • Breadth of products including mutual funds, bonds, segregated portfolios and other alternate products coupled with deep engagement with key market participants.

  • Planning and reviewing of investments on the basis of the overall framework set out for each client individually.

  • We have 2 models of engagement:

  • 1)AMFI registered MF distributor model: Through Entrust AMFI registered Entity

  • 2)Sebi registered Investment Advisory model: Through EFOIA (Entrust Family Office Investment Advisors Pvt.Ltd)

Value Added Services

We understand that apart from your concerns on wealth protection and growth, there are several lifestyle related aspects that require equal attention. We strive to free up your time so that you can pursue your passion.

Through our customised solutions, we address your needs, whether they are mundane activities or sophisticated requirements.

In addition to our financial services, we offer specialised services in areas such as:

  • Wills & Private Trusts

  • Tax planning & legal services

  • Property Management.

Encore CFO Services

Over the years we have built significant capabilities in Shared CFO Services. Due to our proximity to the start-up community, we have found consistent engagement with PE and self-funded start-ups mutually rewarding. We have a team with over 100 man years of experience in handling the finance and accounting functions of a start-up. Our aim is to relieve the start-up founders & entrepreneurs of the company from the finance function and empower them to focus on growth. As an outsourced partner, our team would act as a CFO to your organisation under the following scope of work:

  • CFO advisory

  • Financial planning & treasury management

  • Governance & compliance

  • Risk & control

  • Deal structuring

  • Drafting term sheets & share holders agreement

  • Financial & legal due diligence




Principal Founder &
Managing Director


Director &
Chief Operating Officer


Chief Investment Officer


Vardhan KV

Associate Director, Client Partner,

Harikrishna Raj

Senior Vice President, Client
Partner, Bangalore


Senior Vice President, Client
Partner, Chennai

Shreyas Krishna

Manager, Client Partner,


Associate Director, Client Partner,

Fayeza Feroz Hafizee

Senior Vice President, Client
Partner, Mumbai


Sreedhar K V

Chief Financial Officer, Shared CFO Services

Savithri Sreeram

Senior Vice President, Lead -
Operations & Compliance

Priyanka Seth

Vice President, Client Service Manager

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If you are a professional with the passion and the resilience to be associated with a young enthusiastic company and be part of our growth ecosystem reach out to us.